We make it our business to know the hard facts about what our clients are looking for: the technical and business requirements for getting the job done, whether building a team or rounding out an organization. But, this is just the beginning. Successful results also depend upon our understanding of what is needed that is not specified in a Position Description or detailed in a Search Requirement. We listen “between the lines” for the soft aspects of every search…the need, the situation, personalities, timing, corporate culture, management style, the particular idiosyncrasies of an organization or just the unique characteristics of a given position.

Regardless of whether our assignment is to find a c-level executive, a director, or a junior contributor, we have a clearly defined process for the acquisition of that talent that has proven to be successful. Our style is adaptable and our approach is focused. Through ongoing communication and collaboration, we refine our tactics as needed, and there are times when we adjust our strategy as well.  We know, from experience that this process works.

Finding the “best fit” is the successful outcome.


One of our core guiding tenets is “Respect for the Individual.”  We have always made it a priority to appreciate that candidates are not the sum total of their resumes, i.e. the mere amalgam of skills and experience. We respect that you have your own unique priorities, desires, visions, and aspirations.
We listen to you.

We value your personal goals. We ask you what we need to know in order to understand what you are looking for. We take the time to address your questions and concerns from the outset.
We know that your time is valuable.

And while your participation is crucial in the search for a new position, we will not waste your effort. We tell you what we know as the process unfolds; all of it, the good and the bad, the plusses and minuses, the opportunities and drawbacks.

We never lose site that we are working with you – an individual!